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Snow Day!

February 2nd, 2011

Cathleen bundled up for winter. In a card store.

Cathleen bundled up for winter. In a card store.

The main Kent campus was closed for the second day in a row and, since I’m not essential, I stayed home. The funny thing is, I managed to actually work a full 8 hours (round abouts - there’s no time clock in the guest room). Because this year, and I don’t know why, we’ve had so many snow days that they no longer seem exotic. I could sit around in my pajamas and watch bad television or I could rework the awards spreadsheet (which I emailed home at the first sign of trouble) and start E-Notes. Wearing stretchy pants.

It’s sad to lose the joyful anticipation that snow days brought on when we were kids. But, we’d get bored then, too. I’d bake or read or do crafts. I remember once, taking the bus downtown and working in the Ft. Wayne Civic Theater’s scene shop for the day. During the giant spring blizzard in 1978, we were snowed into the house for days, drinking powdered milk and driving each other crazy. I finally walked across the street to visit my best friend Cathleen. It took me an hour. To cross the street. Her family came back over for dinner and when her mother saw all of the snow in our driveway, she said, “Forget walking!” She lay down on the snow and rolled herself to the door (we followed suit).

Snow days are fun mostly because they are a surprise and we don’t already have 19 things planned for a “vacation” day. But, like anything, if we get too many, they’re not that special anymore. It just means an extra half hour digging out tomorrow and lots of catch-up for people who didn’t spend today on awards and E-Notes (while wearing stretchy pants).

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